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Family History and Genealogy Research Projects

Ask for a quote based on the number of  hours work + expenses

The scope of research you commission is your choice.  Common project types are listed below to help you decide.  Your unique project can be a blend of these types.

Starter Skeleton

A bare bones family tree built from online records only, such as census and civil registration.  It is often possible to trace ancestors back to the early 1800s, but some conclusions may be limited.  No travel is involved so expenses are limited to the cost of certificates.  This type of project is suitable for those who have little or no family history information or are new to genealogy.

Ancestral Pedigree

The direct lineage of one or more lines (e.g. father, grandfather, great-grandfather..) for a target number of generations.  Incorporating a wide range of sources, both online and at archives, ensures that determinations of kinship are as accurate as possible.  This project type is suitable if you want comprehensive documentation of your ancestry and for research prior to the commencement of civil registration (1837 in England & Wales, 1855 in Scotland).

An example of a report for an ancestral pedigree available for download is the Paternal Ancestry of Philip Lees (PDF).

Narrative Genealogy

A narrative genealogy tells the life stories of an individual or family group.  Evidence of kinship is blended with historical and social context and may incorporate family anecdotes.  It is usually structured starting with a couple and proceeding through descendant generations.  This type of project is suitable if you want an engaging family history to share or are interested in the context of your ancestor’s lives.

Manorial and land record research

Manorial records are a rich genealogical source, especially for people who owned copyhold land as manorial tenants.  Records for some manors stretch back from 1925 to the 13th century, and are in English from 1733.  Clues that you ancestors may have been manorial tenants include references to land in wills and occupations associated with using the land such as farmers.  ‘Women in the Property Records of Clent Manor’ is a short example study.

Once the research is complete you will receive a research report that includes:

  • A statement of the research objective and scope of research
  • Clear explanation of conclusions presented
  • A genealogical summary report in an appropriate format
  • Full citations of all sources
  • Charts and maps that summarize and clarify your family history
  • Copies of all documents (or a transcript if copyright, access or usage restrictions apply)
  • Transcripts of difficult manuscript documents
  • Documentation of searches performed, including negative searches
  • Recommendations for further research

Genealogist’s services

For those who enjoy researching their family history, but require specialist assistance.


Can’t read the handwriting?  I can produce a line by line transcript for documents in English from ca 1600 – present.  Please send a legible copy for assessment for a quotation.

Expert review, analysis and consultation

Got stuck, hit a brick wall or can’t see the wood for the trees?  I can work with you to solve your research problems, plan your next steps, or make sense of the records you already have.

Ask for a quote!

Record Retrieval from Archives

Can’t get to the archive?  This service is aimed at experienced and professional researchers who can supply the archive reference for the document.  If you need me to search catalogues or un-indexed records, transcribe or interpret documents, I will treat the work as a research project and charge accordingly.  Archives I visit regularly include:

  • Suffolk Record Office (Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Lowestoft)
  • Norfolk Record Office (Norwich)
  • Cambridgeshire Archives (Cambridge)
  • Huntingdon Archives (Huntingdon)
  • Northamptonshire Archive Service (Northampton)
  • Essex Record Office (Chelmsford)
  • The National Archives, Kew

Travel from Thetford + archive copy fees + time required
Or by negotiation for professional genealogists (e.g. RQG, APG, AGRA, ASGRA members, C.G., A.G. credentials)

Gift vouchers

Want to treat someone to either a research project or genealogist’s services?  Gift vouchers of any value from £50 include all costs of the work undertaken, as I will allocate the funds between research and expenses as appropriate.

From £50

Interested in commissing research?  Please read my terms of service and contact me.