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To identify which manor understand what family, estate or other collection may include relevant information, check the coverage in the Victoria County History series index and find the entry at at British History Online .  Parish accounts typically give a detailed review of the manors and other estates within the parish,   Pay particular attention to the descent of the manor, i.e. who were the Lords of the Manor, during and after the period of interest.

Historical directories, published from the late 1700s onwards, include accounts of parishes and list prominent residents and businesses.  The University of Leicester Historical Directories collection is now also available on Ancestry as the UK, City and County Directories, 1766 – 1946 collection, which is easier to use.  Names of principal landowners, who are potential candidates for lords of the manor, are often included in parish or town accounts and lords of the manor are sometimes named.

Local histories, especially those by antiquarian authors, may discuss the manor, its lords and descent of the manor.  Finally, monographs on the manors of a county, such as Copinger’s Manors of Suffolk may substitute for the VCH accounts.

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Denis Stuart. (2010). Manorial Records. Phillimore.


Deed flowchart. University of Nottingham

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Property Law

Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-1769)

Coke, Sir Edward, Hargrave, Francis, Butler, Charles. (1794) The first part of the Institutes of the Laws of England; or a Commentary upon Littleton. 15th ed. London: E & R Brooke.

Littleton, T. and Wambaugh, E. (1903) Littleton’s tenures in English.


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The Genealogist has the commissioner’s copy (TNA) of Tithe maps (see ).  Although interactive pins link to apportionment data, it is not geographically connected.  Rotation of map images does not preserve the pin location.