Tutoring in Tipperary at the Clans and Surnames Irish Genealogy Program


Lough Derg, near Nenagh, Tipperary


I will spend the next week, the 15 – 19 May 2017, tutoring at the Clans and Surnames Irish Family History Research Program in Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland.

So, why would an English researcher pay attention to Irish Family History, and what skills do I offer?

The two countries have connections going back many centuries.  The complex and often difficult relationship between England and Ireland has been marked by conquests and rebellions, most notably in Norman, Tudor, Stuart periods (from my English viewpoint), with the whole of Ireland under English rule between 1801 and 1922.  In consequence, records of Irish people are in English archives and vice versa.

Comparison of how two countries deal with common issues is a fruitful way of understanding the administrative and legal systems of both countries.  My particular interest in land and property records is about to be expanded, and I am sure I can offer insights to attendees.

Research methods and skills are not restricted to any one location.  My higher education has prepared me to apply a broad range of techniques to genealogical research problems.

Most of all, I anticipate an adventure!