Mastering Genealogical Proof: Chapters 5, 6 & 7

An update on my participation the Mastering Genealogical Proof Study Group 2, four discussions have taken place since my last post:

Chapter 5 GPS Element 3: Analysis and Correlation
30 Mar 2014

Chapter 5 – Continued
6 Apr 2014

Chapter 6 GPS Element 4: Resolving Conflicts and Assembling

13 Apr 2014

Chapter 7 GPS Element 5 The Written Conclusion
27 Apr 2014

My thoughts on chapters 5 and 6 have not made it into a blog post as I got a bit busy, but those on chapter 7 are in Thoughts on Mastering Genealogical Proof: Chapter 7-Writing or Making Genealogical Soup.

Comments on the discussions may be viewed at DearMYRTLE’s Genealogy Community.

The final discussion will be on Sunday 4 May 2014 at 3pm UK time.  You are very welcome to join the event.


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