Worldwide Genealogy – A Blogging Collaboration

Since January I have been contributing an article on the 22nd of each month to Worldwide Genealogy – A Genealogical Collaboration.

Today’s post is There Be Dragons – Finding Tithe Maps for England and Wales.  It includes some examples of good archive catalogue entries that help genealogists to properly assess sources.

Last month’s article, Criteria for Assessing the Quality of Genealogy Websites and Online Data, advocated for the inclusion of more comprehensive archive style catalogue functionality in genealogy data vendor’s websites.

In March and February I examined two quality websites created by academic historians that offer interesting and colourful records:

Soundtoll Registers Online – Danish Maritime Tax Records and

Global Reach of the Old Bailey Online, thanks to the Collaboration of Academic Historians

Finally, it all started with a tale of bloggers helping one another to solve a question:

A Blogging Collaboration Leads to the Answer


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